Family Therapy

In working with families, I use my many years of educational training and clinical experience over the past three decades to combine various approaches from the field of Family Therapy to develop a deeper understanding of the unique challenges that you and your family are faced with and work together with you on addressing these challenges more deeply to arrive at mutual understanding, effective change and transformation.

I try to maintain a neutral and non-judgmental approach and utilize various techniques in Family Therapy to facilitate a deeper understanding between the family members, support each person in identifying, honoring and expressing their needs, discover unsuccessful patterns of relating which lead to conflicts and teach and improve communication skills. Furthermore, I try to support the family in determining ways in which they can find fulfillment in their relationships with one another as they come to understand and define their own unique values in relationship to the family group as a whole.

I look forward to working with you
To find the right path to a more meaningful life.